Stormfront Costume The Boys Season 2 Cosplay Costume

  • Catagory: Cosplay Costumes
  • Characters: Stormfront
  • Material: Roma Cloth, Leather
  • Full Set Including: Jumpsuit, Cloak, Belts, Gloves, Arm Guards, Shoe Covers, Shoes(Extra Options)
  • Delivery Time = Processing Time(7-15 Days) + Shipping Time(Rush Shipping 3-7 Days)
  • Click to View: Read our Processing Time before you place your order.
  • Currently, we only accept orders delivered after Halloween! If you are willing to receive the costume after Halloween, you can buy it normally!
  • If you order Heterosexual Costume, Please Choose Custom Size for the Size. The costume for opposite sex doesn't support returns and refunds.
  • Availability: In Stock SKU: KSC20090205
  • $159.99

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